MSNBC’s Mika responds to Trump’s ‘psycho’ slurs with cooly vicious jab
Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski responded to President Donald Trump calling her a "psycho" with a subtle but vicious jab.

The president tweeted out insults of the "Morning Joe" co-host Tuesday morning, and Brzezinski responded at the end of the episode by praising Rep. Elijah Cummings -- who Trump has been attacking since the weekend.

"Finally this morning, time for final thoughts," she said. "It's interesting, over the past couple of days, as Joe (Scarborough) and I have been speaking out in support of Elijah Cummings, we've heard a lot from Trump supporters and Trump support groups that we didn't disclose that Elijah married us at the National Archives in Washington last November."

"You can read about it on our Instagram accounts," she continued. "I have a couple posts going with pictures from the wedding, and also asking people to stand with Elijah. We chose Elijah Cummings to marry us because he really represents everything that we aspire to be in a human being. He really is the man of the moment at this moment in history."

Then she delivered the finishing blow.

"Also, for the record, President Trump offered to marry us and we turned down that offer," Brzezinski said. "That wasn't going to happen."