Trump's history of natural disaster 'f*ck-ups' is bad news as Hurricane Dorian approaches: Rick Wilson
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

In a typically caustic column for the Daily Beast. GOP consultant-- and Donald Trump nemesis -- Rick Wilson is resigned to the fact that the president will likely botch the handling of federal disaster relief for Wilson's native Florida after it gets the beating from Hurricane Dorian that is expected.

Under a blunt headline, "How Badly Will Trump Fuck Up the Response to Hurricane Dorian?" Wilson explained victims should hope for the best but expect the worst.

"Trump’s one brush to date with an actual natural disaster—other than that goddamn confection of Aquanet, 1970s shag carpet remnants, and lemur fur glued to his skull—was the complete fuckup of his response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria when they struck Puerto Rico in September 2017," the consultant reminded readers.

Calling out Trump's "shambolic clown-show administration" for botching the response to the disaster that befell Puerto Rico, Wilson suggested that Florida might be treated better because Trump's inherent racism was at play in the 2017 natural disaster.

"In Trump’s mind, Puerto Ricans aren’t Americans, so why not let the Sea Mexicans get by with hate tweets, paper towel-tossing, and endless bitching about the needs of a U.S. territory that took a direct hit from two storms of historic proportions," he wrote before speculating how the president will respond this time.

"There’s one thing we can rely on: Trump will pay more attention to Florida because it’s the home of 29 swing Electoral College votes, but also his own properties," he wrote. "If Dorian makes landfall anywhere near Mar-a-Lago or the Doral resort, expect Trump’s primary attention to be, as it always is, on his vanity properties and his bottom line. His inability to focus on anyone and anything other than himself has already shaped this into a presidency that will be remembered for its narcissism and cultishness. "

"With at least $271 million drained from FEMA and other government agencies to fund his absurd Campaign Wall, the Trump administration is, as usual, unready for governance beyond the president’s daily Fox & Friends hand job and the daily allotment of mean tweets from a man who conflates presidential timber with the number of likes and retweets," he added.

Wilson then took the opportunity to comment on Trump's suggestion that hurricanes could possibly be destroyed with nukes, by jabbing at the president: "No nuke is going to stop Dorian, but it bears repeating that the President of the United States is out of his goddamn mind for even asking the question of whether we can or should nuke hurricanes."

Summing up what he expects, Wilson wrote, "Like millions of my fellow Floridians, I’m hoping and praying the weather gods decide they’ve had their fun and that Dorian drifts north and out into the Atlantic. It’s not simply that I want to spare my beloved, weird, wonderful state the brutal impact of a historic storm that will cost lives and property. It’s that I dread that in the aftermath, Donald Trump will fuck it up worse. "

You can read the whole piece here (subscription required).