WATCH: Black father breaks down in tears after white man on horseback warns 'these are Texas roads'
Man on horse and James Ragland (KTBS/screen grab)

James Ragland, a father and journalist, said that he was stopped by a white man on horseback in Elysian Fields, Texas.

Ragland told KTBS that he was traveling through his old neighborhood when a man on horseback blocked the road.

The writer said that his 10-year-old son and 12-year-old great nephew were also in the car.

According to Ragland, the man on horseback griped that his rental car license plate was from California.

"These are Texas roads," Ragland recalled the man saying.

The man was later identified by Ragland as Grant Williams.

In an interview with KTBS, Ragland broke down in tears at the thought of his son being in the car.

"Sorry," he said. "He was screaming."

The Harrison County sheriff's office told Ragland that there's nothing they can do until he files a police report in person. Ragland lives two hours away from the sheriff's office, KTBS noted.

Watch a video report below from KTBS.