WATCH: Climate activists chant ‘failure of leadership’ at Tom Perez after DNC votes against climate debate
Climate activists at the DNC summer meeting (screengrab)

Activists walked out of the Democratic National Committee's summer meeting in San Francisco after the organization voted against allowing a climate change debate during the 2020 primary.

DNC Chair Tom Perez imposed strict rules on the debates, which prevented a climate change debate from occurring. Climate activists had forced a vote, hoping to overrule the party boss.

"The Democratic Party needs the energy, motivation, and organizing capacity of young people to defeat Trump in 2020. But Tom Perez keeps shooting the party in the foot by rejecting that energy and turning it away," the Sunrise Movement said in a statement.

Photojournalist Steve Rhodes attended the meeting and documented the outrage among climate activists, including the "a failure of leadership" chant.

Previous chants included, "the whole world is watching" and "which side are you on?"