WATCH: Turmoil erupts at El Paso memorial after Trump fan starts ranting about immigrants
El Paso memorial altercation -- Screenshot

A makeshift memorial in El Paso, dedicated to the victims of a mass shooting at the hands of the anti-Mexican white supremacist last Saturday, was the site of a scuffle between a Donald Trump supporter ranting about immigrants and another man on Wednesday.

According to KVIA, the anti-immigrant ranter got into it with another man when the president's border wall was mentioned and appeared to suggest the president came to El Paso because of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) "put us on the map."

He came here “to stop people from coming in here illegally. To protect our people. Why do you think he came here from Dallas? Because AOC put us on the map,” the man can be heard yelling before adding, "AOC and [Democratic Rep. Veronica] Escobar kept running their mouths and put us on the map."

In another clip, the Trump supporter can be seen engaging multiple mourners, arguing with them and calling one a "f*cking idiot" which led a police officer to intervene.

The report states another man joined in the argument and then brushed off an El Paso police officer who took him into custody although there was no report of charges filed.

On their Twitter account, the El Paso Police Department acknowledged that tempers were flaring at the memorial, writing: "The memorial was meant to honor the victims. Do not dishonor them by clashing against each other. Stop the hate."

You can see multiple videos of the incident below: