'Where is the footage?': MSNBC panel questions Epstein suicide in jail overseen by Bill Barr's Justice Department
Jeffrey Epstein -- (Photo: Screen capture)

An MSNBC panel convened to discuss the apparent suicide of wealth manager and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein expressed extreme skepticism about his suicide in a jail overseen by Attorney General Bill Barr's Justice Department and pushed for the immediate release of any and all information.

Speaking with "AM Joy" host Joy Reid, NBC contributor Stephanie Gosk explained, "I imagine they will have to put out some kind of statement over the course of today. Whether you're going to get definitive answers on those questions specifically will be a big issue."

"The important thing to remember about this facility is it's the metropolitan facility here in Manhattan," she added. "It's a federal-run facility, Department of Justice, so you would also expect to hear from the Department of Justice on this."

"Can we say this again?" Reid pressed. "So this facility is run by the Department of Justice, meaning William Barr's Department of Justice?"

"That's right, and it's a facility that's been known to hold some very high-profile prisoners, including El Chapo, I believe [former Donald Trump campaign manager] Paul Manafort was held there for a period of time," Gosk explained. "This is supposed to be a top-notch facility, so how did it happen? That investigation has to be launched soon."

Chiming in, AM Joy regular Maria Hinojosa remarked, "This is where it starts getting pretty complicated in terms of the evidence, in terms of will there be pictures of the body, will we have the coroner's report, will we see everything that was in the room? "

"Again, we don't have this information," she continued. "If Epstein had been in the general population, he would have been targeted, so where is the footage? Where is the footage, is what we need to be asking. We need to start putting in a Freedom of Information request for the footage and we need to be doubly sure that this is the footage is of exactly where he was being held."

Watch below: