'Why so mad, Mitch?': #MoscowMitch McConnell taunted by MSNBC host for having a meltdown over his new nickname
Image from wannapik.com via Twitter

MSNBC's Joy Reid was downright giddy on Saturday morning, glorying at how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been tagged with the nickname "Moscow Mitch" that has stuck -- causing the Kentucky Republican to pitch a fit.

Sharing clips of fellow MSNBC host Joe Scarborough repeatedly using the nickname during his "Morning Joe" broadcasts, the "AM Joy" host then showed McConnell taking to the mostly-empty Senate floor to complain about the name which has gotten under his skin like no other attack on his reputation.

"He [Scarborough] said it five times" she laughed. "That was our own Joe Scarborough skewering McConnell last week after McConnell blocked two bipartisan Senate bills that would have helped to secure our elections against ongoing Russian attacks. McConnell's determined blocking of the bills even got him labeled a Russian asset by a friend of the show Dana Milbank in his Washington Post column. McConnell was so upset he took to the floor to express his umbrage and to cry out against McCarthyism."

"Why so mad, Mitch?" she mocked after the Senate floor clip. "'Morning Joe' wasn't even the first to coin the phrase 'Moscow Mitch.' That honor goes to Murray Ward from Kentucky in a local paper called the Murray Ledger and Times on April 24."

"Ward wrote that Moscow Mitch is benefiting from his direct and indirect ties to Putin and Russian oligarchs which guided his vote to lift Russian sanctions in January 2019," the MSNBC host informed her audience.

"Now, he was referring to McConnell and Kentucky Republican Governor Matt Bevins' relationship with Brady Industries, a Kentucky mill, that he said had state funding and attracted a Putin-led company that could only function in the U.S. after McConnell and the Republican-led Senate lifted sanctions in January. "

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