Black woman confronts racist tow truck driver over slurs: ‘I bet you this goes viral’
Brighton tow truck driver (YouTube)

A Massachusetts tow truck driver was caught on camera last weekend hurling racist abuse at a black man.

The woman, identified online as Nene Judge'mayo, shared video of the incident Sept. 14 with a driver from Robert Towing in Brighton.

"Because of your f*cking n*gger husband," says the driver, whom she identified as Jeff, as he walked toward his truck.

The woman confronts the driver about the racial slur, and the driver confirms that's what he said and then pulls out his own phone to record the incident.

"Look me up -- my last video of a white man went viral, of the motorcycle girl that hit the news," she tells the driver. "I bet you this goes viral, too."

The driver again confirms that he used the racial slur, and the woman warns that she'll share this video on social media.

"This is going to be a good one, that's what you said right there," she says.

The driver claims he'll post his video on Facebook, and the woman tells him to go ahead.

"I didn't call you a cracker, I didn't say nothing racist," she says.