BUSTED: Trump fundraising crony may face prosecution for tax 'misrepresentations'
Todd Ricketts (Photo: screen capture)

Todd Ricketts, the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs who is also the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee and the Trump Victory Committee, has been caught making "misrepresentations" on his taxes and now may face prosecution.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Cook County Board of Review has referred its investigation into Ricketts's taxes to the state’s attorney, which can compel Ricketts and attorney James FortCamp to testify under oath.

The board noted in its referral that while it "does not have sufficient evidence to establish" that Ricketts "knowingly misled" officials in his tax filings, it also said that it did not have the proper legal authority to make a final determination on the matter.

The investigation into Ricketts stems from a Tribune investigation that found the RNC finance chairman paid property taxes on his 5,000-square-foot North Shore house by basing its net worth on a property assessment of an older, smaller house that used to be on the property and that Ricketts tore down to build his current house.

Ricketts has admitted that he used assessments from the old house in his tax filings, but he has insisted that this was an accidental oversight and not a deliberate attempt to get out of paying his proper share of taxes.