CNN analyst has a question for Dems: ‘How low will Trump have to go for you to impeach him?’
Wajahat Ali and Anderson Cooper on CNN (screengrab)

Following a day of bombshell reports on the rapidly-growing scandal involving President Donald Trump and Ukraine, a CNN analyst wondered what it will take for House Democrats to impeach the commander-in-chief.

Earlier on Friday, in an interview with NPR, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she was still not in favor of impeaching Trump.

CNN analyst and New York Times contributing op-ed writer Wajahat Ali wondered what -- if anything -- could result in Speaker Pelosi backing impeachment.

"I’ll make a bold prediction on your show and only your show. With 100% confidence, the Republican establishment will do nothing except support Trump and be complicit. They will not care he called a leader of a foreign country and asked them -- or extorted or bribed them -- to dig up dirt and attack a political rival," Ali predicted.

"You’ll get the Republicans to do nothing. They’re going to do nothing. They will be entirely complicit and die on this Orange, corrupt hill," he said.

"The question is for the Democrats, 'How low will Trump have to go for you to impeach him?' That’s a question that should be asked of all Democrats who are on the fence. 'What will be impeachable for you?' What will get you to vote formally to impeach this man?'" he asked. "Who, by the way, agrees with Vladimir Putin, throws his own intelligence under the bus and says Russia is fake news story -- even though it isn’t -- and now is asking the Ukrainian president to interfere in the upcoming 2020 elections."

"That’s the question," Ali said.