CNN host slaps down GOP's Dan Bishop for portraying himself as the underdog in NC special election
H John Berman, Dan Bishop -- screenshots

Appearing on CNN the morning after he won a close special election for a House seat representing North Carolina in Congress, GOP lawmaker Dan Bishop got a reality check from CNN's John Berman after he boasted about what he called his come-from-behind victory.

According to Bishop, who squeaked out a narrow victory over Democrat Dan McCready in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District race on Tuesday, he felt his election was a big deal because he started so far behind his Democratic challenger.

"I've only been in six months," Bishop stated about the special election being re-held over evidence of voter fraud in last November's midterm election. "Really, in just six weeks we had a level playing field with the campaign on the other side that 10 to 12 million dollars from the outside seeking to flip the seat."

"We were far behind, we were making progress, but the president and Vice President Mike Pence coming in, I think put us over the top," Bishop asserted.

"Just one point of clarification," Berman interrupted. "People call it a Republican district because it is. I mean, it's been in Republican hands since the 60s, and President Trump won it by 12 points in 2016."

"It is a district that is consistently, and easily, gone towards Republicans," the CNN host added.

Watch below: