Dem lawmaker goes scorched earth on 'spoiled rich kid' Trump for pitching a fit now that he has finally been busted
Rep. Tim Ryan

On MSNBC Saturday, Ohio congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Tim Ryan tore into President Donald Trump over the Ukraine scandal — and confidently predicted the American people will not stand for his actions.

"Are you at all concerned that the president's message there could resonate with the public, or do you think you and Democrats can convince the public that this investigation is indeed necessary and needs to be a focus?" asked anchor Alex Witt.

"I think that message that he has will only appeal to his hardcore supporters," said Ryan. "I think moderate Republicans, independent voters, libertarians — you cannot be a clear-eyed human being and see what just happened with the president, what he tried to do in the Ukraine, why he tried to do it, given everything he's done up to this point and not think that he did that and that that's wrong."

"Then he goes off — this guy is incapable of taking responsibility for anything that he's ever done," continued Ryan. "He's gotten away with this his whole life. He's a spoiled rich kid. Period, end of story. All of the bankruptcies, all the small businesses that he screwed out of payments over the years, all the union workers that never got paid, the bartenders, the construction people. He has a long history in his life of not taking responsibility for his actions. So, of course, he calls the president of Ukraine, tries to get him to dig up dirt because rules don't apply to Donald Trump in his own mind, and then he turns around and blames the Democrats."

"Alex, when you saw those members, Jason Crow and others Monday come out with military background, CIA backgrounds, national security backgrounds, saying, 'We're in Trump districts, moderate districts where Trump won, but we're going to take a stand on behalf of the country, and we don't know how it will play out politically for us, but we have a duty,'" said Ryan. "I think that's a signal to the American people of how serious this is. These aren't partisans. These are people who care about their country. We've got to shake loose from this spell that Trump has put on certain Americans, and say he's destroying the institutions. He is a cancer on the body politic. We've got to cut the cancer out."

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