Devastating CNN split-screen shows Trump golfing while Hurricane Dorian pounds Bahamas and Florida
CNN graphic shows Donald Trump playing golf as Hurricane Dorian pounds the Bahamas (screen grab)

CNN on Monday and Tuesday highlighted the fact that President Donald Trump chose to play golf as Hurricane Dorian was bearing down on the Bahamas and Florida.

"Despite the fact that he has spent most of the day today at his golf course in Sterling, Virginia," correspondent Pamela Brown explained on Monday, "the White House says he's still being briefed on Hurricane Dorian as it pummels the Bahamas and threatens the United States."

Brown noted that Trump had criticized former President Barack Obama for spending too much time on the golf course.

In a segment early Tuesday morning, CNN once again showed Trump on the golf course along with a graphic of Hurricane Dorian, which had already killed five people in the Bahamas.

Watch the CNN reports below.