Did Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump break up over Iran?
President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Lindsey Graham in the Oval Office. (Official White House Photo. 7/28/2017).

It appears there is trouble in Warhawk paradise if Twitter is any indication.

A Twitter exchange between Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and President Donald Trump are battling over the recent drone strike of the Saudi oil fields. Trump, Graham and the Saudis are all blaming Iran, but Japan said that there is no evidence that it was Iran.

Aaron Blake at the Washington Post noted that Trump and Graham have long been together on foreign policy issues, but something changed when it comes to Iran.

"Graham has made a habit of defending most everything Trump does and being one of his most vocal attack dogs. But there’s one area in which the senator attempts to cash in the goodwill he accumulates: foreign policy. Graham will often make or tweet gentle suggestions of a more hawkish course than Trump is taking, without directly calling Trump out," Blake wrote.

“The maximum pressure campaign has worked in the sense it’s crippled the regime’s economy; it’s made life difficult for the regime. But it has not changed their behavior,” Graham told reporters, according to The Post. When Graham was asked about sanctions for Iran, Graham seemed opposed. “In the past they haven’t been, but time will tell. ... My belief is that additional sanctions will fall short.”

When the quote was repeated to Trump, the president seemed to question Graham's judgment. Trump was then asked about this criticism, and he again went after Graham in personal terms, highlighting his misplaced support for the Iraq War.

“Ask Lindsey how did going into the Middle East — how did that work out? And how did going into Iraq work out?” Trump said. “So, we have a disagreement on that. And we have plenty of time to do some dastardly things [to Iran]."

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