Eric Trump whines Hunter Biden 'gets a total pass' for cocaine use: 'Can you imagine if that was me or Don?'
Eric Trump appears on Fox Business (screen grab)

Eric Trump on Monday complained that he gets more scrutiny than Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden.

During an appearance on Fox Business, Eric Trump referred to the impeachment of his father, President Donald Trump, who admitted that he pushed Ukraine to find dirt on Biden and his son.

"Can you imagine if that was me or [Donald Trump Jr.] who took $83,000 from a company in the Ukraine to consult on a subject that we knew absolutely nothing about? Could you imagine?" Eric Trump griped. "Hunter Biden gets a billion and a half dollars after going over to China on Air Force Two? Could you imagine if that was a Trump? I raised $20 million for dying children at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and they investigate me."

He added: "Yet Hunter Biden gets a total pass after he gets kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use, for this and that. Come on, guys. The double standard is incredible."

According to Eric Trump, Democrats are trying to impeach his father because "they know they can't beat him."

Watch the video below from Fox Business.