George Conway runs Twitter poll to let public decide just how 'dumb & nutty' Trump is after whistleblower meltdown
George Conway speaking at at Georgetown Law. (Screenshot/YouTube)

George Conway, top Washington, DC lawyer and spouse to senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, couldn't help but take a jab at President Donald Trump's latest tweet.

The president disputed the reports that he made such an absurd promise to a foreign leader that an intelligence officer was forced to file a whistleblower complaint. The Inspector General also found the complaint worthy of escalation and the information became public.

"Given all of the dumb and nutty and inappropriate things @realDonaldTrump has said to the world on television and Twitter, is he dumb and nuts enough to say something inappropriate on a secure line with a foreign leader?" Conway asked, putting a poll on his Twitter account.

As of publication, only one person had voted "no."