Geraldo Rivera bashes the media for revealing Donald Trump to be ‘stupid’ and ‘uninformed’
Fox News host Geraldo Rivera (screen grab)

The Associated Press on Thursday published a hard-hitting report on how President Donald Trump refuses to ever take accountability for his inaccurate comments.

The title referred to Trump as "Mr. Never Wrong" and the introduction read, "President Donald Trump doesn’t make mistakes. At least according to him."

"His fervent, dayslong pushback has displayed not only his prolonged focus on a personal spat but his willingness, notably again late on Thursday, to deploy government staff and resources to justify an inaccurate claim. Presidential proclamations can move markets, rattle world capitals and, in this case, unnecessarily alarm the residents of a state. Trump’s relationship with the truth and accountability threatened to, yet again, diminish the weight of any president’s words," the AP reported.

The story focused on Trump's 5-day-long repetition of his lie that Hurricane Dorian threatened Alabama but noted it was a pattern for this White House.

"This was far from the first time Trump has refused to admit a mistake. Examples range from the harmless, like his assertion that he had the largest inauguration crowd in history, to the more serious, like his claim of widespread voter fraud in 2016 that led to the establishment of an election commission to try and back up his claim," the AP reminded.

The election commission disbanded after failing to find any evidence of widespread voter fraud.

One "confidant" of Trump blamed the media for reporting on Trump's lies.

“This president gets the worst press of any president in the history of the republic,” Geraldo Rivera argued.

“Everything he says and does is cross-checked and scrutinized to reveal him to be stupid, uninformed or a liar," Rivera argued.