GOP strategist Rick Wilson lays out case for impeachment in hilariously profane new rant
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson has changed his mind on impeachment, and called for Congress to take constitutional action against President Donald Trump.

The outspoken Trump critic described the president as a "gigantic sh*t golem animated into a husky-sized suit" in a hilariously profane rant calling for his impeachment in a new column for The Daily Beast.

"It’s not simply that Trump richly deserves to be impeached for corruptions large and small, obstructing justice, lavish self-dealing to promote his mid-tier faux-luxury golf resorts and hotels, misuse of government office, abuse of executive powers, rampant cruelty, dickishness, necromancy (have you seen Steve Bannon lately?), and lying to the American people," Wilson wrote. "Those are givens."

The GOP strategist said congressional Democrats have failed to hold Trump accountable in any other way, even after the president has flouted political and constitutional norms and violated court orders.

"Democrats had been unable to effectively hold Trump or his crapulous minions to account for a simple reason; they’re playing by the old rules," he wrote. "They thought the courts can compel Trump’s White House to do, well, anything. They still think the attorney general plays by rules other than his desire to protect Trump and to ensure the triumph of his vision of maximalist executive power."

That leaves them with only one option, and that's impeachment.

"F*ck it," Wilson wrote. "Let's roll."