HBO's Bill Maher rips Robert Mueller for letting 'Trump off the hook' and avoiding Russian connection evidence
Bill Maher -- HBO screenshot

On the "Overtime" segment of HBO's "Real Time," host Bill Maher used a discussion on how MSNBC covered Donald Trump's involvement with Russia to launch a furious attack on special counsel Robert Mueller, saying the former FBI director let the president "off the hook."

After one panelist complained that the special counsel's report was a disappointment, Maher went off on Mueller.

"The person who shit the bed was Robert Mueller," Maher began."He can't even go after the taxes? Seriously? That's your investigative technique, don't follow the money?"

With panelist Krystal Ball adding, "He's a Republican, he's a lifelong Republican," Maher continued, "That was the mistake at MSNBC, making him into this hero and he shit the bed."

"He let Trump off the hook," Maher ranted. " He took a memo, a f*cking memo, not a law, not the Constitution -- we did a whole thing on this -- he forgot the taxes."

"The whole thing is the taxes, the reason why he may be a Russian asset is because he is the worst businessman ever, so at a certain point the only people who would give him money is the Russians," Maher asserted.

Watch below: