'Hot, steamy, stinky mess': CNN's April Ryan says Trump's chickens are 'coming home to roost'
April Ryan -- screenshot

On Monday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," analyst and American Urban Radio Network Washington Bureau chief April Ryan remarked that President Donald Trump has finally reached the end of his political rope — and plunging the whole country headlong into a crisis in the process.

"Three years in, the training wheels — there are no training wheels. He's riding rogue," said Ryan. "Bottom line, this is Donald Trump who has learned this practice from when he was a ruthless businessman, okay. He has taken that and put it into practice in the Oval Office."

"The bottom line is when you look at this president, one, people didn't read the Mueller report," continued Ryan. "If they read the Mueller report, you would see this. So we have to go back to that to understand why he's so upset. But all of the chickens are coming home to roost for this president. These are national security issues. He has all of this hanging over his head and any foreign leader could hold this over his head and use this to blackmail him. This is a national security issue in a constitutional crisis, this is a hot, steamy, stinky mess."

Watch below: