Internet shocked at Rudy Giuliani's latest Ukraine blunder: 'Obama would've been impeached 100 times by now'
Rudy Giuliani appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on Monday appeared on Fox Business and proceeded to make yet another blunder while discussing President Donald Trump's efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.

During an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Giuliani was asked if Trump ever threatened to withhold foreign aid from Ukraine unless it launched a probe into former Vice President Joe Biden.

Giuliani replied that Trump didn't do that, but when Bartiromo asked if he could say that with 100 percent certainty, he stammered and said, "Well, I can't tell you if it's 100 percent."

Giuliani's latest disastrous interview set off howls of both rage and laughter on Twitter -- check out some reactions below.