Jealous Trump rages against Obama’s Netflix deal in early morning Twitter rant
Tehran says it has lost patience with perceived inaction by European countries more than a year after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the agreement AFP/File / Nicholas Kamm

President Donald Trump betrayed his apparent jealously over Barack Obama's production deal with Netflix in a new Twitter rant.

The former president and first lady Michele Obama made their Hollywood debut last month with the documentary "American Factory" released through joint venture with Netflix and their production company, Higher Ground.

Trump questioned that deal in a pair of tweets complaining about an impeachment inquiry launched against him last week by the House Judiciary Committee.

"House Judiciary has given up on the Mueller Report, sadly for them after two years and $40,000,000 spent - ZERO COLLUSION, ZERO OBSTRUCTION," Trump tweeted. "So they say, OK, lets look at everything else, and all of the deals that “Trump” has done over his lifetime. But it doesn’t work that way."

Trump suggested lawmakers examine Obama's business deals since leaving the White House.

"I have a better idea," the president tweeted. "Look at the Obama Book Deal, or the ridiculous Netflix deal. Then look at all the deals made by the Dems in Congress, the 'Congressional Slush Fund,' and lastly the IG Reports. Take a look at them. Those investigations would be over FAST!"