Meghan McCain accidentally reveals why she tunes out Trump's wall-to-wall scandals
Meghan McCain (ABC)

Meghan McCain unintentionally revealed why conservatives give President Donald Trump's corruption a pass.

The "View" co-host admitted she wasn't sure how bad it was that Trump allegedly pressured the Ukrainian president to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, a family friend of hers, in exchange for U.S. military and financial aid -- and she blamed the reporting on a constant stream of presidential abuses.

"I'm very skeptical of anything anymore because I feel like -- no disrespect to journalists, but every day the end of the world is coming -- so how bad is this really?" McCain said.

ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl assured McCain that this story was, in fact, a big deal.

"I think that this is significant, and this is a little bit different and very easy to understand," Karl said, "and you have what the president himself has already acknowledged, which is even if there was no quid pro quo, even if he wasn't holding that aid over the head of the president of Ukraine, merely bringing up your political opponent in a conversation with a newly elected president, any president of a foreign country, is going to be seen as problematic."

"That's why you see even Mitt Romney, who's criticized in the president in the past."

McCain dismissed Karl's analysis after hearing Romney's name.

"He's a flip-flopper," she said. "He'll change his mind by this afternoon, don't worry about Mitt Romney."

Karl pointed out that Republicans don't like defending Trump's actions in this still unfolding scandal.

"No, I don't," McCain said, "but you have to understand the skepticism because, again, (we hear about) impeachment every day."