Meghan McCain flops hard after interrupting Whoopi Goldberg to make a Marianne Williamson joke
Meghan McCain (ABC)

Meghan McCain elbowed her way into a discussion on "The View" about the Democratic debate, but tap-danced back out as her joke flopped.

The conservative co-host interrupted as colleagues Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin each claimed a second helping of time to add their points to the discussion, saying she hadn't gotten a chance yet.

"I haven't said anything," McCain said, holding back a smirk.

Goldberg apologized, but continued on, and McCain burst into laughter and then claimed her time.

"I miss Marrianne, though, I did," McCain said, referring to motivational speaker and long-shot Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson, who missed the cut for Thursday's debate. "I missed my red witch priestess, crystals, wind chimes."

Her joke drew a smattering of laughter from the audience, if not her fellow panelists.

"Come on," McCain said, trying to breathe some life into her joke. "Okay, it's not funny -- sorry."

Goldberg returned to the point she'd been trying to make before the interruption.

"I want someone to explain why we are asking the Chinese to do what the guy in the White House didn't do," Goldberg said. "Yeah, these tariffs, I'm talking about the tariffs. You're mad that China is not paying their fair share, how can you be mad at China not paying their fair share when you didn't pay your fair share, tax-wise, money-wise?"

McCain jumped back into the fray.

"There was no question about the economy last night, and maybe that's the issue," she said.

The other panelists agreed the debate didn't feature enough discussion of the economy.

"Whatever it is," Goldberg said, "they owe you more than they gave you last night."