Meghan McCain torn to shreds for 'indirect terrorist threat' on The View in brutal online column
Meghan McCain (ABC)

Meghan McCain warned of political violence if new gun safety legislation was passed in response to the constant threat of mass shootings -- and one journalist and author called for her firing from "The View."

The conservative McCain boasted on Tuesday's season premier about shooting guns in Montana on her summer hiatus and darkly warned that AR-15 rifles were too popular to ban without violent opposition, and Deadspin columnist Drew Magary condemned her blithe indifference to the epidemic of gun violence already plaguing the country.

"People like Meghan McCain love guns more than they love other people," Magary wrote on Medium. "You know what? It’s even lamer than that. They care more about being seen with guns than they care about other people. They use the blood on their hands as cheek blush. It’s a f*cking crime."

McCain's remark essentially mainstreamed "a kind of indirect terrorist threat, really," Magary wrote.

"What McCain said on the air is a fireable offense," he wrote. "Going on TV and telling people there will be violent consequences for trying to reduce gun violence is both pathetic and irresponsible, two traits McCain displays in great measure every time she opens her piehole."

The violence promised by McCain and other "gun nuts" has already been delivered, with around 2,000 mass shootings since 2012's Sandy Hook massacre, Magary wrote, and he blames Republicans like her and the president for encouraging people to hoard guns and use them.

"Donald Trump and Meghan McCain are both secluded cowards who love talking up the potential of violence should things not break their way," Magary wrote.

"Maybe instead of issuing violent promises disguised as empty warnings, these loons could pay attention to what the bloodshed our current reality is already telling everyone," he added. "But I doubt any of them have the brains or courage to do so."