MSNBC host nails Trump for hypocritical tweets attacking Saudi Arabia before he decided he loves them
American President Donald Trump (right) with traditional Saudi swordsmen . (Image via Wikimedia Commons.)

MSNBC host Chuck Todd cited President Donald Trump's past comments that bending to the will of the Saudis was

"Saudi Arabia should fight their own wars, which they won't, or pay us an absolute fortune to protect them and their great wealth-$trillon," Trump tweeted in Aug. 2014.

Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti thinks that Trump doesn't understand how the Iran nuclear treaty impacted the rest of the Middle East region.

It's one of many accusations Trump made about Saudi Arabia.

"I think there’s a separation in Trump’s mind between the nuclear deal and then Iran’s maligned behavior in the region which I think Trump is willing to accept more of because fundamentally he doesn’t think that’s our problem," said Continetti. "So, he can bash the nuclear issue all the time, he doesn’t want Iran to be a nuclear power, but when it comes to this gray zone conflict between Iran, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States, and Yemen, and the UAE, Trump is not interested."

Bloomberg News reporter Sahil Kapur explained that the biggest piece of the fire in Saudi Arabia was that it will increase gas prices for Trump's voters. After the GOP passed a tax bill that ultimately gave more to the wealthy instead of Trump's supporters. Todd noted that the one thing that would increase gas prices more is an attack on Iran.

According to the Washington Post, a huge block of hotel rooms was purchased by the Saudis at Trump hotels after he was elected. They reportedly stayed somewhere else, but did purchase the hotel room block.

Watch Todd's comments below: