MSNBC panel reveals why ‘there is no immunity from prosecution’ for Bill Barr or Rudy Giuliani
Composite image of Rudy Giuliani and Bill Barr (screengrabs)

Attorney General William Barr does not have immunity from prosecution for his role in the President Donald Trump Ukraine scandal, a panel on MSNBC explained on Wednesday.

Anchor Ali Velshi interviewed Elizabeth Holtzman, who voted to impeach President Richard Nixon as a member of the House Judiciary Committee. Following her career in Congress, she taught at NYU Law and served as District Attorney. Holtzman is the author of the 2018 book The Case for Impeaching Trump.

She was joined on the panel by Michael Conway, who served as counsel for the House Judiciary Committee.

"This Attorney general, William Barr, has been the poodle, the flunky, for the president of the United States," Holtzman charged.

"He is totally conflicted here. He doesn’t have a shred of public integrity on this issue," she added.

"He’s even named in the memo," Velshi noted. "The president said to the president of Ukraine that Rudy Giuliani is going to call you about this and Bill Barr is going call you about this. By definition he is now a witness. This is very complicated for the Attorney general to be overseeing an investigation in which he may be a material witness."

"Exactly," Conway noted.

"And this is the, again, the definition, if we look up in the dictionary, abuse of power. This is abuse of power. He’s using the Justice Department to forward his political aims. You’re right, Bill Barr is stuck in the middle of this. There is no immunity from prosecution for Bill Barr," he explained. "Or Rudy Giuliani."