MSNBC's Morning Joe torches GOP and Democrats alike in epic rant: 'This is such a disaster!'
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough roasted Republicans and Democrats alike for failing to hammer away at President Donald Trump's obvious failures and capitulations.

The "Morning Joe" host said the president had made the U.S. and its allies less safe by shredding agreements and cozying up to dictators, and he doesn't understand why Democrats haven't made that more of an issue in the 2020 campaign.

"Let's play the game again, if Barack Obama embraced the Taliban, wanted to bring the Taliban to Camp David without any hope of a deal?" Scarborough said. "What would they do if Donald Trump -- or if Barack Obama continued to play patsy with Vladimir Putin and Obama's own intel community was saying he is a threat to American democracy?"

"You can say the same about North Korea," he continued. "What if Barack Obama fired his national security adviser because the tyrant that runs North Korea, that continues to fire missiles every week, didn't like his national security adviser? I mean, and now we're hearing that Donald Trump is actually mulling giving Iran a $15 billion bailout, a bailout that actually he's flirting with this $15 billion bailout despite the fact that he is the reason why there would have to be that bailout, because he pulled America out of the nuclear deal."

Scarborough has been calling out Republicans for failing to stand up to Trump, but he said Democrats share some of the blame.

"I mean, this is such a disaster and it's laid bare in front of every Republican, every conservative, every Trump supporter to see," he said, "and I just wonder ... why Democrats are so weak. Why are the Democrats so weak that they cannot politically pound a guy who's made friends with the Russians, the North Koreans, the Taliban and now the Iranians?"