‘Never ending bullsh*t’: Internet stunned as Trump goes off on a bizarre Oval Office rant about ammunition
Donald Trump speaks to Jim Mattis (Pentagon)

Once again, President Donald Trump went off on a contradictory rant about foreign policy and a possible war with Iran.

In the Oval Office Monday, Trump told the press that he's waiting to hear back from the Saudis before he will make any decisions on retaliating for the bombing of one of the largest oil fields in the world. Then he proceeded to go off about "ammo."

“I’m not concerned at all,” Trump told reporters about the Middle East. “We have military power the likes of which the world has never seen. I’m not concerned at all.”

He then told a story about all of his advisers telling him he shouldn't go to war against an "unnamed country" due to "low ammunition." The comments came just 24 hours after Trump tweeted that he was "locked and loaded" to act.

It flies in the face of Trump's 2016 campaign promise to stop endless wars. But Trump also wants to try and seem bold and powerful on the international stage. So, the Q&A with reporters ultimately appeared as though the president was confused or trying to have it both ways.

It prompted a stunned internet to unleash over the bizarre Trump rant. You can read the comments below: