Pentagon postpones lucrative refueling deal with Scottish airport near Trump's Turnberry golf course
Donald Trump plays golf at Trump National Doral (screen grab)

The Pentagon has put the brakes on a lucrative military aircraft refueling deal at the Glasgow Prestwick Airport amid congressional scrutiny over whether the deal was designed to benefit President Donald Trump's Turnberry golf resort.

The Scotsman reports that a U.S. Department of Defense agency has postponed the planned refueling deal with the Glasgow Prestwick Airport at a time when there are "multiple investigations and growing political scrutiny on both sides of the Atlantic into US military patronage and spending at the loss making hub and President Donald Trump’s flagship Scottish resort."

According to the Scotsman, the deal with the airport has now been put on hold until December at the absolute earliest, although it could be delayed further depending on where investigations lead.

The postponed deal was a planned extension for the Glasgow Prestwick Airport that the Scotsman reports was due to be "even more gainful" for the airport than past contracts. The airport, which is in poor financial shape and heavily dependent on U.S. military refueling contracts to bring in revenue, is also an important piece of infrastructure helping keep Trump's Turnberry resort in business.