Rick Wilson changes his mind on Trump impeachment: It's 'clearly the only way' to hold him accountable
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

Anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson has long warned Democrats against launching impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, but the latest revelations about the president reportedly making "promises" to the Ukrainian government in exchange for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden have changed his mind.

Wilson on Friday morning responded to a tweet from former Florida Republican congressman David Jolly, who recommended filing an article of impeachment against the president to force the Department of Justice to let Congress see an intelligence community whistleblower's complaint about the president's actions.

"An impeachment article should be pretty easy to draw up this morning," Jolly said. "Even easier to vote on. Pass a resolution inquiry by the full House today and subpoena the whistleblower. If White House claims privilege, ask for emergency hearing in federal court on the basis of national security."

Wilson agreed with Jolly's recommendation and said that the president's alleged attempts to strong-arm Ukraine into giving up dirt on Biden had pushed him over the edge.

"We're in new territory, and this is clearly the only way to move this past the WH/Barr/DNI obstruction," Wilson wrote.