Rick Wilson nails down the number of GOP Senators who will turn on Trump because they 'can't stand' him
Rick Wilson -- screenshot

Appearing on MSNBC's "Am Joy," conservative political strategist Rick Wilson lambasted Republicans who are ducking allegations found in a whistleblower's complaint against Donald Trump, before he admitted that Trump could indeed be impeached by the GOP-controlled Senate because he is almost universally hated there.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, Wilson first began by calling out Republicans who have fled reporters when asked about allegations against the president, calling them "profiles in chicken-you-know-what."

Asked about the dearth of GOP responses, Wilson quipped, "You know, Joy, I think we need to do one of those old Department of Homeland Security color-coded scales and at the bottom is a furrowed brow, and then there's 'I haven't read it,' and then there's 'deeply concerned,' and then there's 'I can't go to press conferences or do town hall meetings,' and then there's 'Can I get in the witness protection program?'"

"I mean, these guys are profiles in chicken you-know-what every day right now because they obviously understand that this is just one more pile on of the facts about Donald Trump that they cannot face," he added.

Asked about a report that as many as 30 GOP Senators would vote to oust Trump if it was done by secret ballot, Wilson said that number was close according to his conversations with Republican lawmakers.

'We all have a different number," he conceded. "My actual hard count for myself of knowing these guys for a long time, my actual hard count is about 26 or 27 that I could tell you right now have told me or have -- or have expressed that they cannot stand this man."

"They live in terror of him and they are all moral cowards," he continued. "They are fearful of Donald Trump's mob and his horde. At one point somebody is going to break the seal and that person is going to have a really bad day but leave a really good memory in history."

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