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Salman Rushdie’s latest book has a Trump-like character ‘slightly off his head and confused about reality’



Author Salman Rushdie’s new book explores the questioning of reality itself. Though he never mentions President Donald Trump’s name, it may as well be a fictional description of struggling America.

“There were no rules anymore. And in the Age-of-Anything-Can-Happen, well, anything could happen. Old friends could become new enemies and traditional enemies could be your new besties or even lovers. It was no longer possible to predict the weather, or the likelihood of war, or the outcomes of elections,” Ayman Mohyeldin read from Rushdie’s Quichotte.


Rushdie said that the last thing he wanted was to give Trump the satisfaction of having his name immortalized in a book.

“But clearly we live in this world in which crazy things happen every day,” Rushdie continued. “Which you have to report on. People want to bomb hurricanes with nuclear weapons. Things that defy, if you make up in a story would probably not be published because they’re so improbable. The improbable happens every day. It’s not only in America. What’s happening in Britain is as crazy as what’s happening here. In many ways what’s happening in India is very alarming as well. So, we do live in this age of anything can happen. When there seem to be no — the old rules seem to have broken down, we don’t know what the new rules are.”

Mohyeldin noted that the book blurs the lines of reality.

“I think we do live in a time I think we live in a time in which those boundaries between fact and fiction have been very badly blurred. And it is very hard sometimes to tell what is fact and what is fiction. Just watching your show, what is fact one day is fake news the next day,” Rushdie said in reference to Trump’s flip-flop on meeting with Iran.


The panel joked about Trump tweeting an attack on Rushdie and the new book and how it would be, but Rushdie said he didn’t view Trump as a big “reader.”

AP reporter Jonathan Lemire wondered if Rushdie viewed this as the new reality.

“I don’t know. We might find more about that next year. At the moment I don’t know if this is an aberration or the new normal,” Rushdie said. “My main character is anyway slightly off his head and confused about reality anyway, which gives me a comic way into the business of what is going on, you know, in the country as a whole. He becomes this sort of wanderer through America, not exactly all there himself. Experiencing, you know, the kind of crazy reality of the moment.”


Watch the full interview below:

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Internet recoils at Trump’s latest ‘insane’ news conference: ‘Maybe this guy shouldn’t be president’



President Donald Trump ranted at length about the Kurds, military deployments overseas, Sen. Lindsey Graham and former President Barack Obama in a bizarre conversation with reporters in the White House.

The president met with the media Wednesday afternoon during a bilateral meeting with Italian president Sergio Mattarella, and he touched on a bewildering variety of topics -- much to the confusion of onlookers.

This is fucking insane.

This press conference is purpose-built to empower and delight every bad actor in the world.

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Biden finally unloads on Trump for smearing his son: ‘Release your tax returns or shut up’



Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday blasted President Donald Trump for an ongoing attack on his son Hunter.

At a press conference in Ohio, Biden was asked if he had done enough to stop his son from taking a retainer from a company in Ukraine.

But the former vice president insisted that "corruption" in Trump's government should be the immediate focus.

"He is running the most corrupt government in the history of the United States of America," Biden charged. "He is running the most corrupt government in the history of the United States of America."

Biden then turned to the camera as if he were speaking directly to Trump.

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Trump rants about Christopher Columbus during press conference with Italy’s president



President Donald Trump on Wednesday insisted that he would never stop celebrating Christopher Columbus.

"The United States and Italy are bound together by a shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years to ancient Rome," Trump said during a joint press conference with Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

"Over the centuries, the Italian people have blessed our civilization with magnificent works of art, science, philosophy, architecture, and music. On Monday, we paid tribute to the Italian explorer who led a voyage of discovery to the new world. A gentleman known as Christopher Columbus. To me, it will always be called Columbus Day. Some people don’t like that. I do."

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