The New York Times released documents obtained through a Scottish Freedom of Information law that proves the Trump Organization worked to negotiate with a Glasgow-area airport to score more crews coming to President Donald Trump's resort.

Politico reporter Natasha Bertrand broke a recent story that the U.S. military routed official planes to a small airport near his Turnberry golf resort. Without the airport, Turnberry would likely lose a lot of business. It's already in difficult shape financially, losing millions.

The documents show a series of emails between Turnberry and the nearby airport. Turnberry asks the airport to recommend the Trump property to flight crews coming through the city, including military planes.

The exchange was part of a 2014 discussion, so it's unclear why it wasn't until recently that Turnberry had an uptick in military flights doing a stop-over at the Trump resort.

Glasgow's Prestwick Airport had stated they don't have a business relationship with Trump or his property.

Read through the emails here.