South Carolina woman who told cops they can't arrest a 'white, clean girl' pleaded guilty to DUI: report
Beaufort County Detention Center mugshot of Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw via the NY Post

Last year, 34-year-old Lauren Cutshaw of South Carolina was arrested in Bluffton after running a four-way stop sign at 60 miles an hour. Her blood alcohol level was registered at 0.18 — more than double the legal limit — and she admitted to being high and had marijuana paraphernalia in her car.

According to police reports at the time, Cutshaw offered an unusual defense of her behavior to the arresting officer: she shouldn't go to jail because she's a "thoroughbred ... white, clean girl" who was a cheerleader and sorority sister who graduated with "perfect grades" from a "high accredited university."

When the officer asked her what being a "white, clean girl" has to do with anything, she replied, "You're a cop, you should know what that means ... You're a cop, you should know based on the people that come in this room ... my partner is a cop."

None of this managed to get Cutshaw out of trouble. On Tuesday, the The Daily Mail reported that she pleaded guilty last month to one count of misdemeanor driving under the influence. In return for her plea, prosecutors dropped the charges of speeding, DUI with a blood alcohol content of 0.16 or higher, and marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession.

She has been ordered to pay $187 in fines and complete a state safety program.