Texas GOP lawmaker buried in mockery for suggesting the city of Austin should be dissolved
Briscoe Cain hands out signs he thought were funny/Photo from video by Mirian Spencer

The famously progressive city of Austin has been at war with the GOP-controlled Texas legislature over abortion rights. After Austin awarded a $1-a-year land lease to Planned Parenthood to operate a clinic, the legislature passed a law banning cities from contracting with abortion providers. The city government responded by approving $150,000 in grants to organizations that help women seeking abortions with transportation and lodging costs.

None of this sat well with GOP state Rep. Briscoe Cain, who suggested the legislature should retaliate by abolishing the city government of Austin altogether:

Cain, who gained national attention last year for making fun of Stephen Hawking's deathΒ and sneaking a handgun into the Texas Democratic Convention, promptly received a lashing on social media for suggesting cities he disagrees with should lose self-governance:

Confronted with condemnation of his views, Cain had this incoherent response:

The internet soon weighed in on this nonsensical retort as well: