Fox News' Shep Smith debunks Trump's attacks on Joe Biden's dealing with Ukraine
Fox News host Shepard Smith. (Screenshot)

On Tuesday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prepared an address that's widely expected to announce impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

The move comes after revelations that the president may have offered a quid pro quo to the president of Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden.

Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani has suggested that the Ukrainian government has valuable information about Biden, but Fox News host Shepard Smith debunked that claim Tuesday afternoon.

"There you have it. Joe Biden, discussing the allegations against him which have indeed been proven baseless, at least at this point," Smith said. "Remember it was Joe Biden’s son who worked for a company that had dealings in the Ukraine and the vice president later came forward and said we stopped the aid payments to the Ukraine and many of those who are on the side of the President said well there it is, there's the proof that Joe Biden, or his son at least, acted improperly." Smith continued.

"But that’s just not the case. The case is there is a corrupt prosecutor in the Ukraine and much of the world is trying to get this prosecutor ousted. The prosecution would do away with the money and that was something around a billion dollars," Smith explained. "So the Europeans were pressing, many of the European nations, the United States was pressing and all putting pressure on the Ukraine to get rid of this corrupt prosecutor. Eventually the Ukrainian leader got rid of the corrupt prosecutor and, after that, the money was released to the Ukrainians that were fighting a war against our enemies in Russia."

Smith flipped back to Trump's Ukraine scandal. "And the matter at hand is a phone call that the president of the United States admits he has with the leader of Ukraine and which the president of the United States admits he pressured the leader of the Ukraine to investigate his chief rival in the presidential race for 2020," he said.