President Donald Trump and his allies are raising money to investigate individual reporters and editors in an escalation of his war on the media.

A three-page fundraising pitch outlines the proposal to target individual journalists and then pass along damaging information to "friendly media outlets" such as Breitbart, reported Axios.

"CNN, MSNBC, all broadcast networks, NY Times, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and all others that routinely incorporate bias and misinformation in to their coverage," reads the pitch, which is seeking $2 million for the operation. "We will also track the reporters and editors of these organizations."

Republican consultant Arthur Schwartz and a "loose network" of conservative activists are "targeting the people producing the news," while other GOP groups will focus on accusing social media platforms of bias.

The New York Times reported last week on an effort that exposed one of the newspaper's editors for past anti-Semitic tweets.