Trump asked John Bolton to defend his policies on Sunday talk shows — and Bolton refused: CNN
John Bolton appears on ABC (screen grab)

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," special correspondent Jamie Gangel revealed that a few weeks before being fired, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton flatly told President Donald Trump that he wouldn't go on TV to defend his administration's policy because he didn't agree with it — an episode that cannot have done much to stave off the bad blood between the two.

"For anyone who missed it, Donald Trump never liked John Bolton's mustache, but that was the least of their problems," said Gangel. "Look, these two men not only clashed, but behind the scenes I — I am told by sources close to the situation John Bolton was not supporting the president."

"A couple of weeks ago, in late August, he was supposed to go on the Sunday talk shows. He did not go on. And my source said that it was because he said he couldn't support the president's position," said Gangel. "When Trump found out about it, that was yet another blow in the relationship. But I think overall all of these problems, friends of John Bolton will tell you, he's a bull in a China shop. They were surprised he lasted as long as he did, Wolf."

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