Trump die-hards follow president from rally to rally to hear him deliver news: ‘How else would I know what’s going on?’

The Wall Street Journal has published a lengthy profile of hardcore Trump supporters who follow him around the country to attend every one of his rallies -- and it's filled with horrifying quotes from people who believe every word the president says.

One such Trump supporter is Libby DePiero, a 64-year-old retiree who tells the Journal that she only believes things the president says and attends his rallies so he can personally tell her the news.

"How else would I know what’s going on?" she asked.

Another Trump supporter, 40-year-old Walmart worker Saundra Kiczenski, tells the Journal that she credits the president with giving her the courage to stand up to the tyranny of Obamacare.

"Because of him I decided not to pay for Obamacare, not pay the fine," she explained. "And what happened? Nothing. Before, the quiet me would have paid the fine. But Donald Trump told me that we have a voice, and now I stand up for myself."

And April Owens, a 49-year-old financial manager, tells the Journal that she actually feels addicted to attending the president's rallies.

“Once you start going, it’s kind of like an addiction, honestly,” she said. “I love the energy. I wouldn’t stand in line for 26 hours to see any rock band. He’s the only person I would do this for, and I’ll be here as many times as I can.”

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