Trump had an Oval Office meltdown after 'stupid' Jared Kushner got caught using private email for official business: report
Donald Trump and Jared Kushner

President Donald Trump's patience with Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner has waned, according to a report by McKay Coppins for The Atlantic. Ivanka and Jared are both currently senior advisers to the president.

Trump once considered his eldest daughter to be his best surrogate. "For Trump, everything comes back to optics," former White House aide Cliff Sims told The Atlantic. "She is the archetype of what he wants -- the most beautiful face, the most buttoned-up message, everything just exactly the way it should be."

But the president has apparently soured on the couple. He reportedly became particularly upset after Kushner was caught using the messaging application WhatsApp to conduct U.S. business outside official government channels.

The news "prompted a presidential meltdown in the Oval Office," according to Coppins.

"How could he be so stupid?" Trump fumed, according to a White House official. "That’s what Hillary did!"

Hillary Clinton herself weighed in on the news, describing Trump's criticism of her own private server use as "the height of hypocrisy."

After the incident, Trump reportedly began telling those around him that "Jared hasn't been so good for me." According to Coppins, the president has also complained that that Ivanka could have married New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady instead of his current son-in-law.