Trump has a 'Hollywood, sinister view' of how intelligence agencies work: Ex-GOP intel chairman
Former House Intelligence chair Mike Rogers (R-MI)/ CNN screen shot

On Friday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," former House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) blasted President Donald Trump in the wake of a new Washington Post report that Trump told the Russian ambassador and foreign minister in the Oval Office that he was not concerned about Russian election interference — because U.S. intelligence agencies do the same thing to other countries.

"Chairman Rogers, what do you make of this new Washington Post report now?" asked Cooper.

"It’s very concerning for me if it in fact is true," said Rogers. "The president seems to have a very Hollywood, sinister view of what American intelligence is about, and not concerned with the Russians and how they conduct themselves around the world. A, it’s absolutely wrong and, B, it’s a little offensive because you’re telling our adversaries it’s kind of okay to do what you do, keep at it."

"That is, in my mind, a little bit dangerous," added Rogers. "And the Russians, by the way, will take it that way."

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