Trump has been getting crazier because his own polling shows voters souring on the economy: CNN's Dana Bash
CNN's Dana Bash -- screencapture

CNN's Dana Bash on Friday revealed that President Donald Trump has been getting more erratic over the last month because his own campaign's polling shows that voters have been souring on the economy.

During an interview with hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, Bash revealed that the president has grown more unhinged in recent weeks because he's in danger of losing what was supposed to be his best argument for reelection next year: A strong economy.

"I can tell you, just from my reporting, that one of the reasons... is because of the economy," Bash said. "He's heading into re-election and he saw the same numbers we all saw... [in] public polling, I'm telling you they saw it in private as well, that people are less confident in the economy. The so-called right-track-wrong-track number on how the economy is going is now underwater. More people disapprove than approve on the economy."

Given how vital a strong economy is for his reelection hopes, Bash continued, it's not surprising that he has been lashing out on a more regular basis, culminating in this week's use of a doctored hurricane map.

"That is, he understands, very, very bad," Bash said. "And I've been told that is one of the reasons, to quote a source, he has been on a warpath for the past month."