Trump tweets out bizarre diatribe attacking Supreme Court Justice John Roberts for not going after Comey
Tehran says it has lost patience with perceived inaction by European countries more than a year after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the agreement AFP/File / Nicholas Kamm

Appearing to be watching Fox News on Sunday morning while the rest of the country is reeling over a mass shooting in Texas and a monster hurricane barreling down on the Florida coast, Donald Trump was instead tweeting an extended rant from former GOP lawmaker Jason Chaffetz about fired FBI Director James Comey.

Writing on Twitter, and using Chaffetz's words, Trump ranted: “James Comey has been rebuked at the highest level, with much more to come. An IG Report doesn’t get any stronger, calling him dangerous, insubordinate. THANK GOODNESS THAT DONALD TRUMP WAS ELECTED, BECAUSE IF HE WASN’T ELECTED, THESE PEOPLE WOULD STILL BE IN POWER. Two more reports are coming. Comey very vulnerable. But where is the Supreme Court. Where is Justice Roberts? If you lie to a court, you should be held in contempt. So, if you abused the FISA, you must be held accountable. I hope Justice Roberts will take action.” Jason Chaffetz, Fox."

You can see the tweets below and make of them what you will: