Trump's collapsing presidency has plunged him into his 'eccentric dictator' phase: GOP consultant
Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

In yet another scorching column for the Daily Beast, GOP consultant Rick Wilson used Donald Trump's obsession with maintaining he was correct about Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama as evidence that he gone completely off the rails and into his reality.

According to Wilson, "That bellowing you hear from the Oval Office may sound like the rantings of a kooky slowcoach accidental president of limited cognitive abilities. You could ascribe it to his obsessions and twitching, reflexive rages over even the slightest correction or disagreement as an act. We could blame it all on whatever slurry of toupee worms, mental illness, creeping dementia, tertiary syphilis, scurvy, and windmill cancer occupies his wee noggin, but it’s so much more, and it’s so much worse."

Noting what has become known as "Sharpiegate," after the president was busted for altering an official weather map to make his point about Alabama, Wilson said it is evidence of the president's decline.

"Trump has entered the eccentric dictator phase of his presidency, so strap in," he warned. "From Stalin to Mao to Mugabe to Pol Pot to Saddam to Trump’s sleepover bestie Kim Jong Un, Donald’s defining emotion is not contempt, but envy. These men enjoyed the life of power, wealth, control and freedom from accountability that fills Trump’s political spank bank."

Wilson also noted Trump's often-expressed desire to stay in office in perpetuity, writing, "Trump’s joking references to a third term are growing in number and intensity, and some part of his rat-nest consciousness is thinking, “I bet I could get away with it.” The 2020 efforts to kill off the Republican primary to clear the field for Trump are a preview. I mean, why bother with elections when there’s so much winning going on? "

Then he brought the hammer down.

"While First Term Donald’s modesty keeps him stuck in off-the-rack Brioni tater sack-cut suits with a skosh more room in the seat and thigh, Second Term Donald is going all out," he wrote. "Doesn’t the POTUS with the mostest deserve his own Commander in Chief uniform? Something with hella epaulets and gold braid? The designers will need to leave plenty of room for medals; let no man forget his heroism at the Battle of the Bowling Green, his Defense of Alabama Service Cross with Sharpie Cluster, and his Purple Shart with Bone Spurs Device."

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