Twitter refuses to tell Devin Nunes who is behind the parody accounts causing him ‘extreme pain’
Devin Nunes speaks to Fox News (Photo: screen grab)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) suffered a setback in his legal case against parody accounts that mock him after Twitter refused to reveal who is behind the trolling.

In March, the California Republican sued Twitter over parody accounts pretending to be his mom and his cow, claiming they have caused him "extreme pain and suffering."

Nunes has been ridiculed as a "snowflake" for suing the accounts @DevinNunesMom (which was suspended) and @DevinCow, which has over 600,000 followers following the publicity from the lawsuit. Also sued was the real-life account of Republican strategist Liz Mair.

"Twitter is refusing a judge’s request to disclose the identities of two anonymous social media users who are ... critical of Rep. Devin Nunes and are being sued by the California Republican," McClatchy reported Thursday.

In short, Twitter says Nunes has no right to see the names after the Fresno resident filed his lawsuit in Virginia.

“Undersigned counsel has been in contact with lawyers who have advised Twitter that they represent, respectively, the user or users of the @DevinCow account and the user or users of the @DevinNunesMom account,” Twitter wrote in a letter. “Each of those counsel has authorized me to inform the Court, through this letter, that their respective client or clients do not reside or work in Virginia and never used the account while physically present in Virginia.”