A racist hate site is posting photos of Jewish students and staffers -- and university officials are extremely concerned
Young white woman millennial browses the internet on her computer (Shutterstock)

Two universities contacted the FBI after hundreds of Jewish students and staffers had their photos dumped online by a notoriously anti-Semitic white nationalist.

Student journalists from Brandeis University and Yeshiva University have reported the photos posted online on the anti-Semitic and racist VNN Forum associated with white nationalist Alex Linder, who has frequently endorsed violence against Jewish people, reported The Daily Beast.

Linder praised the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue last year in Pittsburgh, and one of the site's senior members killed three people in an attack on a Jewish community center five years ago near Kansas City.

A source familiar with the matter told The Daily Beast that Yeshiva University officials had reported the posting to the FBI field office in New York, which then contacted agents in St. Louis, which has jurisdiction over Linder's hometown in Missouri.

An FBI spokeswoman declined to confirm or deny whether Linder or the Vanguard News Network were under investigation.

The discussion thread showing the photos has been deleted from the forum.

The photos were posted by a user under the likely pseudonym Stewart Meadows, who has made more than 4,300 posts since joining the site in May 2018.

He has posted photos of various Jewish people, most of whom are women, for more than a year.

The Brandeis student newspaper first reported the photos, which included current and former students and staffers, and campus security issued a statement claiming they found no evidence of a "direct threat."

Yeshiva's student newspaper reported the photos the following day, and the university's campus security urged students to "ignore the site."

But the targets of the online campaign are concerned about Linder's history, and his outspoken endorsement of and association with anti-Semitic violence.

Linder's site has lost much of its traffic since Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., a Ku Klux Klan leader in the 1980s and a VNN regular, killed three outside a Jewish community center in Overland Park, Kansas, and was sentenced to death.