Watch MSNBC anchor’s epic takedown of Fox personality Lou Dobbs
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs -- screenshot

Fox Business Network personality Lou Dobbs was smacked down on MSNBC on Friday.

Ari Melber, the host of "The Beat" and the network's chief legal correspondent, played a clip of Dobbs praising President Donald Trump that has been widely panned as shameless.

“It couldn’t be more positive, the mood in that White House couldn’t be more high energy. I want you to know the joint is hopping," Dobbs argued. "At every level on every floor, this White House is energized. There is sunshine beaming throughout the place and on almost every face. It’s winning center at the White House and our president is at the top of his game."

Melber ridiculed the segment.

"It’s 'winning center.' I almost wonder who wrote that," Melber said.

"Lou Dobbs basically begging his viewers to ignore all the chaos that’s out there," he continued.

"It's a little like the policeman in that scene from 'Naked Gun' when a rocket explodes in a fireworks factory," Melber said, playing a clip of Leslie Nielsen in the 1988 film.

"It’s a winning factory. Now, why does Dobbs overstate it this much? He’s not just speaking to his own audience, which may overlap with Trump’s base, he may also be speaking to the famed audience of one, Donald Trump," Melber said.

"Donald Trump turns to these TV individuals, some of them, for information. The Washington Post notes that Trump is 'as likely to heed a Fox News host as to heed a senior administration official,'" he explained.