White House tosses NSC attorneys under the bus as they admit Ukraine transcript was moved to secret server
US President Donald Trump, citing a series of incidents involving Iran, said it was "getting harder" for him to want to negotiate with the Islamic republic AFP

The Trump White House is blaming attorneys for one of the most disturbing charges in a whistleblower accusation. The unnamed intelligence official who filed the damning complaint against President Donald Trump has charged that the actual transcript of Trump’s call with the president of Ukraine was moved, in what looks like a cover up, to a “computer system” reserved for highly classified national security documents and data.

Calling the charge “one of the more explosive claims,” CNN reports the White House is acknowledging the transcript was moved, but is claiming “National Security Council lawyers directed that the classified document be handled appropriately.”

That statement makes several curious assertions.

First, it alleges the transcript was “classified.” It does not state what level of classification, or why it was even determined to have been “classified.”

It also does not explain what “handled appropriately” means. All government documents should be “handled appropriately,” so this looks like more of a cover up.

Here is CNN’s report: