Woman cries censorship after her personalized 'Trump 2020' brick is yanked from city sidewalk

A brick inscribed with words promoting President Trump's 2020 reelection has been removed from a sidewalk after a wave of backlash, WFTV9 reports.

Afien Casey, 80, paid $95 for the brick and expected it to be laid along Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The brick was inscribed with the words "Trump 2020, Drain Swamp, Brandon & OMA." According to WFTV, "Brandon" is Casey's 14-year-old grandson and she goes by the nickname "OMA."

People have been reportedly paying for personalized bricks along the walkway for around 30 years, and Casey says she's upset for being singled out and having her message censored.

"I bought the brick a year ago," Casey told WFTV. "Of course, I'm older and I'm not going to be here forever, so when he is really growing up and gets in his 20's he can always go back to Flagler Avenue and say this is what OMA and I did."

"How many times do I walk by something that I don't like am I gonna complain about it?" she continued. "No, I just look the other way and say, ‘Well I 'm not gonna walk there again. They are just stirring the pot."

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal, the brick's removal will be only temporary as city officials try to devise a policy on what messages will be acceptable.

"I came here because this was a country, of the free and the brave," Casey said. "It doesn't seem like we are free anymore and if we don't speak up against this bullying, so to speak, we're not brave anymore either."

Watch WFTV9's report on the story: